Bourbon Buzz Punch

This southern-inspired party beverage is the big-kid version of your favorite childhood drink. Bourbon Buzz Punch is tangy, sweet and topped off with a drizzle your favorite Manuka honey which gives it an extra kick. This drink is easy to make, sure to hit the spot on a hot, summer day and will certainly give you a little buzz! It’s perfect to sip on while with friends at a barbeque or on the porch after a long day at work. Enjoy and remember to drink responsibly. Make it a meal: pair your drink with our Rata Honey BBQ Chicken.

Bourbon Buzz Punch


4 oz orange juice

1 to 2 oz bourbon (Or whatever liquor you prefer. Rum works well too!)

A splash of banana liquor

1 sliced strawberry

Manuka honey to taste


Pour orange juice, bourbon and banana liquor into a glass of ice. Then, add the strawberry slices on top. Drizzle Manuka honey over the strawberries and gently stir before drinking. Enjoy!

(serves 1)

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