(in the Continental U.S.)

Bee A Help to Pollinators

An Interview with The Rodale Institute Beekeeper

Mike Schmaeling


Pollinators are facing increasing threats to their existence; and as 80% of pollination worldwide comes from honeybees, the health of our food system and thereby our communities, relies on their survival. From climate change and habitat loss to the use of pesticides like neonicotinoids, it’s crucial we all recognize the impact, negative or positive, that we can have on the vitality of honeybees and their colonies. Wedderspoon met with Mike Schmaeling, the head beekeeper at The Rodale Institute, to discuss a few simple ways that we can effect positive change to help the cause, wherever you call home!

Wedderspoon supports The Rodale Institute’s ‘Your Two Cents’ initiative and sponsors a hive at The Honeybee Conservancy at the Rodale Institute.

Wedderspoon is ready to help. With every order from our online shop during the months of April and May (while supplies last), we’ll be gifting our customers a free Non-GMO seed packet and a reusable Wedderspoon tote bag. Shop now and everybody wins, delicious honey and Manuka products for you, flowers for our friends the bees!