Can This Trendy Ingredient Give You Better Skin and Hair?

Honey has been used medicinally for hundreds of years, largely because of its antiseptic and healing properties. It’s been said to treat just about every skin issue: acne, wrinkles, inflammation, dryness. And manuka honey (a.k.a. honey that’s sourced from bees that pollinate manuka trees) is especially prized when it comes to skin care for its high antioxidant content. Here, six ways to try out the sweet ingredient yourself.

wedderspoon-queen-of-the-hive-organic-lipcare-enriched-with-manuka-honeyWedderspoon Queen of the Hive Organic Lipcare Enriched With Manuka Honey
A natural lip balm that smells faintly like Thin Mints, keeps lips smooth for hours without the need for reapplication, and doesn’t leave you feeling like you made out with sealing wax? Yep, it does exist. And we’re officially addicted.

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