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Honoring Earth Day 2020 During a Worldwide Pandemic

Honoring Earth Day 2020 During a Worldwide Pandemic

Earth Day may feel a little different this year. Community programming, events and clean up initiatives are likely not possible due to social distancing guidelines and even county and state-mandated shutdowns meant to try to control the COVID-19 pandemic. But, this doesn't mean we can't still recognize Earth Day...we just have to get creative with it.

Make Your Home Earth-Friendly

Since you're spending so much time at home right now, why not take this opportunity to spruce things up and make your home more Earth-friendly? Some Earth-friendly home projects you can take on include:

  • Start a compost.
  • Plant a new garden with bee-friendly flowers and plants.
  • Make the switch to all-natural cleaning products (shop online right now, of course!).
  • Build a birdhouse or bird feeder.
  • Install solar panels.

Virtual Earth Day Activities

This is the 21st century, after all, so, take advantage of your gadgets and technology this Earth Day.

Earth Day Activities for Kids 

If you have kids at home, the past few weeks may have been even more difficult to get through in terms of navigating the world of virtual schooling and keeping them busy while play dates and outings are not an option. There are plenty of fun activities you can do to honor Earth Day, like: 

  • Do eco-art projects, recycling materials you have at home or find outside. Pinterest is a great resource for ideas. 
  • Create a nature scavenger hunt to encourage your children to explore the outdoors. Include challenges like finding a ladybug, finding a bee, identifying plants and flowers, etc. Offer healthy treats, like Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Pops, as prizes. 
  • Participate in the San Diego Zoo's Earth Day Virtual Activities.
  • Celebrate Earth Day everyday, using this 30 Buzzworthy Outdoor Activities for Kids Calendar.
  • Cook a plant-based family meal together, using your favorite natural ingredients from your favorite conscientious brands.

Make a Commitment for the Future

Actions that benefit and protect the Earth do not offer instant gratification or results. Citizens of the world collectively committing to longterm Earth-friendly actions will result in a better, cleaner Earth, in the future. Maybe you usually celebrate Earth Day by participating in a community clean up day, or by planting trees around your neighborhood. Just because you can't do those things right now, on Earth Day, doesn't mean they can't be done at all. Make a commitment (and stick to it!) to celebrate Earth Day down the line, whether it's in a few weeks or a few months.


Wishing you a happy and healthy Earth Day, from the Wedderspoon team! 

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