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Keeping it Real - Managing Your 2021 New Years Resolutions and Goals

Keeping it Real - Managing Your 2021 New Years Resolutions and Goals

Well friends, we made it through 2020! That in itself is an accomplishment. 

The beginning of a new year is traditionally a time for new goal- and intention- setting, diets, cleaning sprees, workout plans, habit changes and, sometimes even complete overhauls of one's entire life. 

We spend a lot of time prior to January 1st thinking about changes we want to implement and things we want to accomplish in the next year, and, by the time the first day of the year comes, we're ready to dive in head first. Well...usually. This year isn't like other years. This year - 2021 - is a new year, but also signifies the end of what was a terrible year for many. The past year was difficult in many ways and greatly impacted the lives of many. 

Some may crave change and new goals even more than ever this year, after the past year that we've experienced. For others, the change in the calendar year may not mean much, as many of the issues of the past year are still ongoing. 

If you've decided to set big goals for yourself for the next year and implement many changes, that's great! And, if you've decided to give yourself some grace this year and have just a few small habits you want to kick while you focus on simply continuing on with your sanity, that's also great! 

Regardless of what your goals are for the new year, we know that it can be a challenge to maintain goals and changes for 365 days and beyond. Oftentimes, we stay on track for some time after the new year, but gradually fall off. This year, especially, this may happen due to stress and all that's going on in the world.  We're here to share some tips to help you manage your goals and resolutions realistically!

Keep Your Body Healthy and Energized

Look, before you jump into any big career, family or personal goals, focus on your health! After all, you won't be your best and most productive self if you're tired and malnourished. 

Set an earlier bed time, commit to avoiding bright screens (phones, televisions and computers!) before bed so that you get optimal sleep and pick up a bedtime routine that helps you relax, whether it's a cup of tea with Wedderspoon Manuka Honey or listening to relaxing music or a podcast. 

Start your days by remembering to take any medications, vitamins or supplements that are a part of your routine. The new year is a great time to add new vitamins to your regimen. Wedderspoon Immunity Gummies are a fruit and  Manuka-packed bite of daily wellness the entire family can get on board with! They're filled with whole fruits, Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium - plus, they taste great (available in two flavors - Citrus and Berry)!

If you find yourself forgetting to take medication or vitamin doses, consider using a pillbox and getting it setup a week or two at a time. Setting phone reminders can also be helpful. 

Your new goals likely mean you're busier than ever, so keep yourself energized throughout the day. Not a fan of mid-day coffee and extra caffeine? Try our Manuka Honey On the Go for a natural boost of energy. 

Dream Big, But Go Easy on Yourself

As we all know, 2020 was a crazy year. It was tough. It was emotional. It was stressful. You may be struggling mentally, physically and financially - many people are. So, go easy on yourself this year. Focus on goals and changes that are attainable and realistic for you and the place you are right now. Don't feel pressured by what you see other people doing - make it a goal to focus on yourself and your wellbeing. If that means setting smaller or fewer goals than usual, that's fine!

Or, if it means that your goals evolve over time as the state of the world plays out, that's fine too! You've probably already wrote down your goals for the year - but don't be afraid to scratch them out and set new ones! Be honest and realistic, and don't feel bad about yourself if you don't have life changing goals this year, because trust us, most people don't!

Celebrate your accomplishments, big and little! The best way to keep yourself going is to honor your accomplishments and successes, no matter how minor they may feel. In the long run, each and every accomplishment matters and is a piece of a bigger goal. 

Organize and Keep Yourself Accountable

A key way to successfully accomplish goals and implement lifestyle changes that stick is to get organized - know what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how are you going to complete the task or goal.

Consider investing in a white board for your office, or a large notepad. Write down all of your goals and lifestyle changes for the year, and then break the list down based on when you hope to accomplish each item.

Keep ongoing lists and update them as you go. Different timelines work for different people and goals. Whether you want to keep a weekly, monthly or quarterly list is up to you. Decide what your timeframes look like, put it all on paper, and refer to your lists often to keep yourself accountable! It feels good to check things off, so get to it! 


Eating better may be one of the most common new years resolutions, and for good reason. If this is one of your resolutions this year, stick to it! Health is everything, and there is always room to eat better or eliminate unhealthy items from your diet.

But, moderation is key. Be realistic. It's not necessarily realistic to do a complete overhaul of your diet overnight. Instead, gradually implement changes until you reach your ideal place. Try making bi-weekly or monthly changes. Slow and steady wins the race, after all!

Add new recipes to your meal rotations and be open to trying new dishes and ingredients you haven't had before. Head over to our Recipes page for ideas and check back often!

Make cooking easy by keeping your cabinets stocked with staple items you use often. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey is great to have on hand because it's so versatile. It can be used in endless ways and recipes. 

Set Yourself Up for a Good Day - It's the Little Things

Do little things to set yourself up for a good day or week. These things may seem minor at the time, but can actually make a big impact and help ensure that you're in a better mood and more likely to be productive.

One of these things may include getting gas the night before. You know what we're talking about - the infamous "I'll get gas tomorrow morning" comment you make to yourself. Don't do it! Get gas the night before so you can be on your way tomorrow morning with extra time! Get in the habit of not procrastinating on little chores like this. Trust'll thank us later!

Meal prep, especially if you have a busy week ahead of yourself. Make your life easier and ensure that you are eating well even on your most hectic days. 

Prepare for days that may be stressful...set aside some treats for yourself to give yourself an energy and mood boost. Perhaps start carrying Manuka Honey Pops in your purse or car. They satisfy every sweet craving! 

Other little things you can do to make your life easier include cleaning the snow off your car the night before you have a day of errands or work. Sure, you may not feel like going out in the dark to clear snow off your windshield, but the next morning you'll be happy to be able to get out to door and on your way easily. 

Additionally, we suggest starting to dedicate some time on Sunday nights to cleaning out and organizing your email inbox so you can start the week off with fewer notifications and items to sort through. 

Push yourself to tidy up and stay on top of dishes and laundry throughout the week. You'll thank yourself later when you don't have a huge pile to get through at the end of the week. And, less mess equals less stress! You will be more relaxed in a tidy atmosphere. 

Think of the things in your daily life that hold you up in the morning or set you back throughout the day and take care of them at a different time, perhaps the night before, or first thing in the morning, to ensure that the rest of your day goes smoothly. 

Most Importantly - Make Yourself Happy

Our final tip to you for the new year is to do what makes YOU happy. Don't worry about what you see others on social media doing, what the 'expert-written' articles you read say or what you feel pressure to be doing. Focus on what is important to you and what makes you happy. Set goals that are important to YOU. The more you truly care about a goal, the more driven you'll be to reach it. 

If there is one thing we have learned in the past year, it's that time is precious. Don't waste any time on goals or habits that don't serve your own best interests or happiness. 

We wish you good luck, health and happiness in the year ahead!

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