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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50 - (In the Lower 48 States)

Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey KFactor 16, 500g/17.6oz


Natural Perfection

Made exclusively by bees that feast on the nectar of New Zealand’s wild Manuka flowers, our raw Manuka honey is one of Mother Earth’s rarest gifts. Wedderspoon are committed to comprehensive Manuka honey integrity, with every batch fully traceable from our South Island hives to your home.

We guarantee that the raw Manuka honey in this jar is as close to freshly harvested perfection as possible, brimming with living enzymes & complex chemical compounds. Never subjected to high heat processing, our honey is independently tested to meet or exceed the Monofloral Manuka standard set by the government of New Zealand. Triple-filtered & gently creamed for rich, smooth flavor straight from the spoon, we hope our Manuka honey empowers you to ‘bee’ your most vibrant self.

Our favorite ways to use Manuka? As a daily energy boost, for home 'remedies', pre- and post workout, for beauty applications, and as a better for you sweetener!

Free of antibiotics, pesticides, and glyphosate.


Customer Reviews

Based on 133 reviews
Maria Rojas
Invaluable to our home and health

Best tasting adding healing to all our uses

Thank you for your review, Maria!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Myra Carter

I ordered this gem for its medicinal purposes. I have sporadic cystic breakouts around Aunt Flo’s appearance. I go over a clean face with apple cider vinegar then add a manuka monofloral honey mask for about 10 minutes. It promotes healing inside out and works as an anti-inflammatory. My skin is soft & bright after rinse. It taste great too! Ordered a second one for my daughter. Good stuff!
Thank you!

Thank you for your review and being a true testament of our Manuka honey and Apple Cider Vinegars beneficial properties! We appreciate you Myra!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Joanna Osborne
Miracle Honey

I love Wedderspoon Manuka Honey. I keep it on hand. One jar in my medicine cabinet for cuts and scratches the other jar for my tea and when I’m feeling under the weather.

And we love you Joanna! Thank you for your support and review!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Mohammad Meshkin

I love this honey and recommend it to friends

Thank you for your review and for sharing the gift of our Manuka with others Mohammad!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Sheng Yang

Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey KFactor 16, 500g/17.6oz