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Wedderspoon trusts in the brilliance of our hardworking honeybees to make the world’s most pure and powerful Manuka honey. And we believe that this rare superfood reaches peak perfection while still in the hands of Mother Nature, holding a wealth of rich flavor, living enzymes & complex chemical compounds.

Between our hives and your home, we strive to maintain this intricate ecosystem through every step of our unique process, blending the best of traditional technique and food safety innovation to protect the inherent broad spectrum benefits of raw Manuka honey.

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Our Process – Wild and Raw

A Feast of Manuka Blossoms

Nestled between the crystal waters of Lake Wakatipu and the majestic glaciers of Mt. Cook, colorful wooden hives house hundreds of colonies of happy Wedderspoon bees. Here in the lush South Island hills, our bees forage free-range-style & feast on the nectar of wild Manuka blossoms (we NEVER use cultivars or Manuka plantations). Slight color variations in our honey reflect New Zealand herself, with each harvest telling the authentic story of a year’s rain, sunlight, wind & snow.

A Beekeeper’s Gentle Touch

Our Master Beekeepers approach harvest season with proud hearts, deft hands & watchful eyes. Guarding the health of their colonies during harvest is as paramount to their work as gathering our raw Manuka honey. To reduce honeybee stress, our beekeepers extract raw comb from each hive as swiftly & stealthily as possible. A portion of honey is always left untouched to help the bees ward off hunger pangs during the chilly New Zealand winter.

Heaps of Passion, Zero Sparks

Once inside our factory (a quick 40-mile hop from our hives,) giant fans swirl warm air around our raw honey until it’s just liquid enough to filter out the natural debris of a fresh harvest. No boiling, no fire, ever. Our airstream is calibrated to never exceed the heat level in a bustling hive. In order words, our honey feels right at home, retaining all its inherent vitality & flavor for you to enjoy.

Keep it Real, Real Raw

From our shore to your door, Wedderspoon raw Manuka honey is protected from rigorous travel & harsh light by our opaque, BPA-free jars (made by a family-owned, fellow New Zealand company). When you’re ready for a wellness boost, keep the natural enzymes & chemical compounds alive by adding raw Manuka to cold or warm (not boiling) drinks & foods. Or enjoy it straight from the spoon!