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What is Manuka honey?

The Manuka tree, a relative to the Tea Tree, grows abundantly throughout New Zealand, often in extremely rugged and remote terrain. When hives are placed in areas where these Manuka trees dominate the landscape, bees feed off the nectar.

The result? Manuka Honey.

This complex honey is a multitasking superfood

Spoonful A Day

Naturally sweet


Mix in yogurt or granola, Drizzle on fruit or toast


On any cheese plate, With peanut or almond butter


DIY face masks


Vinaigrettes & desserts,Smoothies & more


Pre-workout for natural energy,Add to post-workout shakes


In-home "remedies", Wellness tonics

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey is sourced from New Zealand’s North and South Islands.

At the heart of Wedderspoon, you’ll hear the hum of a nation’s hardest-working production team: millions of small-but-mighty honey bees with a hankering for nectar from New Zealand’s indigenous Manuka flower. With blush pink and flashy fuschia blossoms that appear less than 6 weeks out of every year, the scrubby Manuka bush (Leptospermum scoparium, if you’re fancy,) is a crucial piece in the unique process that our bees carry out within the hive. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey is produced using a raw creaming process to maintain all of the naturally-occurring beneficial wellness properties inherent in this unique functional food. We take pride in harvesting, packaging, and labeling all of our Manuka Honey in New Zealand to ensure we are meeting the highest standards for quality and authenticity.

We are proud to bear the FernMark license on our Manuka Honeys. The FernMark is formal recognition of our role as an ambassador of the New Zealand story and serves as a third party verification that our products are authentically from New Zealand.

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