Our best selling Manuka honey products in easy-to-shop bundles.
Wedderspoon Immunity Bundle
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Original Price $79.97
Current Price $61.99

Immunity Bundle

Support your Immune System with our Immunity Bundle - a delicious way to boost immune health.  Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies are a fruit and Manuka...

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Wedderspoon Best Seller Bundle
Sold out
Original Price $67.97
Current Price $52.99

Best Seller Bundle

Three of our best-selling Manuka Honey products all in one bundle, perfect for sharing with others (or keeping to yourself)!  Raw Monofloral Manuka...

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Wedderspoon Bee Warm Bundle
Save 27%
Original Price $59.97
Current Price $43.99

Bee Warm Bundle

This trio is a convenient way to try three of our most-loved products: our convenient and mess-free Manuka squeeze bottle, Organic Manuka Honey Dro...

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