Organic Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey, 250g/8.8oz

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The first organically certified Manuka Honey (in the U.S.)!

In the remote, pristine landscape of New Zealand's South Island, honeybees are hard at work. Over the course of six weeks, these diligent bees feast on the nectar of the flowering Manuka bush, then return to their buzzy hives to create our delicious and rare Organic Manuka Honey. Fill up a heaping teaspoon and drizzle into tonics, smoothies, a cup of warm tea, or use in sweet or savory recipes as a better-for-you boost to your daily wellness routine. 

Enjoy its creamy, rich flavor knowing that each batch is tested to meet or exceed the MPI Standard for authentic Monofloral Manuka Honey and is certified free of glyphosate.


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Manuka Honey Travel Packets

Love the convenience and taste of these! Adds a wonderful sweetness to my morning coffee. Will buy again!

We love to hear this! Thank you for your review Danette!

- The Wedderspoon Hive


Organic Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey, 250g/8.8oz


Organic Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey, 250g/8.8oz

The Best Honey Ever!

I eat a large teaspoon of this honey daily as part of my health regimen. Helps with inflammation and overall sense of well being; have also used it in place of Neosporin for small cuts and burns——works faster and without chemicals to heal. If organic is too pricey for you, I recommend the K16 factor regular Wedderspoon Manuka honey.

Thank you for your support and review Barbara, we truly appreciate it!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Tasty, Effective, and Versatile

I chose to purchase a jar after reading peer reviewed medical journal studies on the impacts of raw manuka honey as a topical skincare product.

The results have been clear for me. I’ve applied it nearly daily as a face and lip mask for 5-10 minutes and it’s kept my face hydrated. It’s winter here and usually that means chapped lips and dry skin but not this time around. I’ve not applied it to my hands and they’re dry (as I’ve come to expect in the winter) - so I can largely attribute the difference to the honey.

Aside from being a good moisturizer, I’ve used it as a nice gentle cleanser & I’ll add ~10 grams to tea or milk for a subtle sweet taste.

A single jar lasts me about a month and a half.

It’s a great ongoing investment for all the health and skin benefits.

Tasty, effective, and versatile; we couldn't have said it better ourselves! So happy to hear you are finding relief using our Manuka honey, welcome to the Wedderspoon family!

- The Wedderspoon Hive