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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $25 - (In the Lower 48 States)

Organic Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey, 250g/8.8oz


The first organically certified Manuka Honey (in the U.S.)!

In the remote, pristine landscape of New Zealand's South Island, honeybees are hard at work. Over the course of six weeks, these diligent bees feast on the nectar of the flowering Manuka bush, then return to their buzzy hives to create our delicious and rare Organic Manuka Honey. Fill up a heaping teaspoon and drizzle into tonics, smoothies, a cup of warm tea, or use in sweet or savory recipes as a better-for-you boost to your daily wellness routine. 

We guarantee that the raw Manuka honey in this jar is as close to freshly harvested perfection as possible, brimming with living enzymes & phytonutrients and a taste that can't be beat. Never subjected to high heat processing, our honey is independently tested to meet or exceed the Monofloral Manuka standard set by the government of New Zealand. Triple-filtered & gently creamed for rich, smooth flavor straight from the spoon, we hope our Manuka honey empowers you to ‘bee’ your most vibrant self. 

Enjoy its creamy, rich flavor knowing that each batch is tested to meet or exceed the MPI Standard for authentic Monofloral Manuka Honey and is certified free of glyphosate.


Glyphosate Resiglyphosate Free
Fianz Halal
Kosher OU
NON GMO Verified
USDA Organic

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Not as helpful as expected!

I feel like the amount of product I received was not worth the money! also have a few health issues going on and I was hoping the honey would be helpful for me! UnoI really didn’t notice any benefit or overall positive effects of the honey! Nothing drastic or dramatic prevailed! Sorry to say it didn’t work for me!

Thank you for your honest review Jojo, we're sorry to hear you didn't find our Manuka beneficial. Bee well!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Joanna Giasone
No one wants plastic

Those who care enough to buy organic honey most definitely don’t want plastic packaging. The fact that you only sell the non-organic in glass seems seems like a very weird/poor business choice. Hoping you carry organic, glass packaging in the future. Until then I’ll order elsewhere.

Thank you for your review Joanna. Our Manuka has always been produced using organic farming practices, however our organic Manuka goes through the rigorous and costly testing required to receive the certification. So the health benefits are the same, the only difference is the testing to be declared organic certified our new green label has. Our amber colored jars are BPA-free and non-leeching, but you can find the same (organic) Manuka in our 325g glass jars. Bee well!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Gives my honey a boost!

Honey and I are the best of friends, I eat a spoonful every day, I started reading about Manuka honey and its amazing benefits and wanted to add it to my routine. In doing my research I also learned that if Manuka Honey isn’t from New Zealand then most likely it isn’t the real deal! This Manuka Honey is amazing! It tastes so wonderful and pure. I’m so happy to have found y’all!

rita kurtzman

Taste good, organic

Thank you for your review, Rita!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Peter D'Amico
Organic Manukhah honey

I really enjoy the flavor, tecture & pureness of this honey. Hope you continue to carry it.


Thank you for your review Pete!

- The Wedderspoon Hive