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FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50 - (In the Lower 48 States)

Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey KFactor 16, 250g/8.8oz


Natural Perfection

Made exclusively by bees that feast on the nectar of New Zealand’s wild Manuka flowers, our raw Manuka honey is one of Mother Earth’s rarest gifts. Wedderspoon is committed to comprehensive Manuka honey integrity, with every batch fully traceable from our South Island hives to your home.

We guarantee that the raw Manuka honey in this jar is as close to freshly harvested perfection as possible, brimming with living enzymes & complex chemical compounds. Never subjected to high heat processing, our honey is independently tested to meet or exceed the Monofloral Manuka standard set by the government of New Zealand. Triple-filtered & gently creamed for rich, smooth flavor straight from the spoon, we hope our Manuka honey empowers you to ‘bee’ your most vibrant self. 

Our favorite ways to use Manuka? As a daily energy boost, for home 'remedies', pre- and post workout, for beauty applications, and as a better for you sweetener!

Free of antibiotics, pesticides, and glyphosate.



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Helped with Ulcer

I have had issues with developing ulcers for many years. I just found out that manuka honey helps with gastritis issues so I thought I'd give it a try. Normally, when I have an ulcer flare up, it takes at least a week for it to calm down. I have been using manuka honey several times per day and it has helped significantly lower the inflammation/pain in about 3 days. Amazing!

We love to hear testimonies like this! We're honored to be able to help you in your journey for relief! Thank you this amazing review Serena!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Chewy Goodness!

This is super special honey 🍯 it adds dimensions to my healing Ayurvedic 5-spice tea!! Add steamed milk at end. Your manuka honey adds amazing depth!! ☀️

Now THAT sounds delicious! Thank you for your review, Cynthia!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Awesome quality

This honey is absolutely amazing and has so many uses.. I use it in my smoothies , tea and even for a face mask.. high quality ingredients with amazing benefits as well

Absolutely! Manuka honey is so much more than just sweetner! Thank you for your review and support Patty!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

First time buyer

This is my first time buying Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey KFactor. I've read about the benefits of manuka honey and wanted to add it to my diet. It's a different taste, but I do like it. I've only had it for a short period of time, so it's difficult for me to review the benefits at this time. I have been using the Wedderspoon Organic manuka honey ginger drops for a couple of years now and I do love those!

Thank you for your support through the years and forgiving our Manuka honey a try!

- The Wedderspoon Hive

Tasty Help For Gastritis

This has been the only thing I have found to help me with my post-covid gastritis. Twice a day and my stomach is almost back to baseline. Thank you.

We're happy to hear you've found relief using our Manuka. Thanks for the review Jason!

- The Wedderspoon Hive