Introducing the Sweetest Partnership: Wedderspoon + Ali Riley — Wedderspoon Organic
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Introducing the Sweetest Partnership: Wedderspoon + Ali Riley

Introducing the Sweetest Partnership: Wedderspoon + Ali Riley
Ali Riley, professional soccer player, holding a box of Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Drops - Ginger, a delicious and energizing snack for athletes and health-conscious individuals.

Here at Wedderspoon we are beyond excited to announce our partnership with Ali Riley. Ali Riley is an olympian, professional soccer player, advocate and creator. Soccer has taken the Los Angeles native all over the world. Before going pro, she was a stand-out player at Stanford University. She has played for FC Rosengard in Sweden, Chelsea FC in England, FC Bayern in Germany and Orlando Pride. She has impressively represented New Zealand at four FIFA World Cups and four Olympic Games. Currently, Ali is captain for New Zealand’s National Team and Angel City FC, which has brought her back home to Los Angeles. She is also now training for her fifth World Cup which will be in July 2023.

Ali has been named New Zealand Player of the Year five times and was nominated for FIFPRO World XI Twice. She has really made her mark in the world of soccer. Plus, soccer is not her only passion. Ali is a certified health coach and is very passionate about food - particularly healthy eating and creating accessibility to nutritious food. As a professional athlete, Ali knows first-hand how big a role food plays in our overall health. It makes sense that she is very interested in nutrition and sharing her knowledge with her community of fans and supporters. In fact, she is currently working on a cookbook and video series with a former teammate.

Ali truly does it all. Off the field, she hosts the “Girls with Balls” podcast as well. This podcast is about women who are passionate and follow their dreams. She is dedicated to advocating for opportunities for women to excel. She has quite the resume, and now she is adding a new role to it. We are proud to announce Ali as a Wedderspoon partner.

So, now that you know a bit more about Ali Riley, let’s chat about our partnership with her. We admire Ali’s work ethic and passion for health. We are huge fans of hers, and she is a fan of ours. It is only natural that we partner up! Manuka Honey is considered a superfood and has countless health and wellness benefits. It provides gut and immune system support, and is a natural source of energy, among other great things.

Ali loves to incorporate Wedderspoon Manuka Honey into her daily life, including using it in smoothies and other delicious and healthy recipes. She packs Manuka-on-the-Go for a natural energy boost at practice and between business meetings, and indulges in in our Manuka Pops, too. Our Manuka Pops are easy to pack in her gym or soccer bag. We were excited to learn that our products fit well into her busy, everyday lifestyle, and are looking forward to working with her on upcoming projects.

We encourage you to stay tuned to our social media and blog to see the fun ways we are partnering together. Recipes, social media takeovers and a live interview with Ali are coming down the pipeline later this year! We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Ali and have a strong feeling you will love her just as much as we do. Ali’s passions and interests are similar to those of many of our longtime customers, so you’ll certainly have a lot in common and find the content we create together to be informative.

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