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Mother’s Day Gift Baskets for Every Mother Figure in Your Life

Mother’s Day Gift Baskets for Every Mother Figure in Your Life
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One of the sweetest holidays is coming up - Mother’s Day! This annual May holiday is an opportunity to show your mother, or the mother figures in your life, how important they are to you. Sometimes it can feel like there is a lot of pressure to find the perfect gift for all the mothers in your life, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. First of all, remember that truly the best gift you can give is time. Plan to spend the day with your mother(s), and, if you can’t get together with all of them on the Mother’s Day holiday, plan something special in the weeks leading up to or following the May 14th holiday. Whether you take them out to brunch, get tickets to a special activity to do together, or simply spend the day on the couch sharing stories and watching a movie, you can’t go wrong. Trust us, your mother just wants to spend time with you!

However, if you do want to give a gift they can hold, we suggest sticking to something useful. Think about their interests and curate a special basket just for them, filled with hand-picked gifts. The more thoughtful and personalized, the better.

To start out, select a nice basket large enough to hold lots of goodies. We suggest picking a basket that can be reused - perhaps a rope or woven basket. We love gift packaging that can be repurposed! Then, get to work picking out the gifts to fill the basket with. Below, we’re sharing some suggestions that you can either replicate, or use as inspiration. We have ideas for every type of mother in your life, no matter their interests.

Before we dive into the gift recommendations, we’d like to note that you really should recognize, thank and treat the mother figures in your life year-round, and not just on Mother’s Day, but, it is nice to really spoil them on this special, annual day. Additionally, we are sending love and good thoughts to anyone who finds Mother’s Day to be a difficult day, for any reason. We are thinking of you, too, and hope that you can spend Mother’s Day doing something that makes you happy and at peace.

For the mother who loves to cook

If your mom loves to cook, give her some gadgets and ingredients that she may not ordinarily buy for herself. It’s always nice to receive something special you wouldn’t regularly splurge on.

Manuka Honey Varities - Not all honey is equal, and not all Manuka Honey is equal either! Treat mom to a few jars of honey so she can experiment in the kitchen using them in a variety of recipes. If you want to give her a little tip-sheet, we suggest sharing this blog post with her to get her started.

Cute Tea Towels - Tea towels can really add a lot of character to a kitchen! Spend some time online-shopping for a tea towel that fits her personality - there is a tea towel for everyone and every personality out there!

High End Oils and Vinegars - Flavored oils and vinegars can really add a whole new taste to classic recipes. Include bottles of fancy oil and vinegars for mom to experiment with. For the summer months, we love blood orange, strawberry and raspberry flavored oils and vinegars.

Useful Kitchen Gadgets - There are endless nifty kitchen gadgets available on Amazon and other home sites. Search around and pick out some cool new gadgets for mom to try.

Personlized Apron - A custom apron with “mom”, “grandma” or her name embroidered on it would make a lovely gift.

Restaurant Gift Card - If your mom loves to cook, it’s safe to assume she is a foodie. And, even the best cooks like a night off sometimes! Treat her to a dinner out by including a restaurant gift card in her gift basket.

For the mother who loves to travel

Do you know a mama who loves to explore and travel? Set her up for her next adventure by gifting her accessories and gadgets meant for easy-traveling.

Airplane foot hammock - A handy foot hammock folds up and doesn’t require much baggage space, but makes flights a whole lot more comfy! They easily attach to the seat and offer foot, ankle and back support.

Manuka Honey On the Go Travel Packs - These travel packs are easy to slip into a purse or carry on and offer an instant boost of energy…which is often much needed when traveling.

Portable Battery Pack - There is nothing worse than traveling with a dead phone battery! Portable battery backs are so useful to have when traveling. Treat your mom or mom-figure to a lightweight, compact battery pack that offers multiple charges.

Airbnb or Hotel Giftcard - Treat your loved one to a trip by gifting an airbnb or hotel giftcard. It offers the gift of choice - they can use it to go anywhere their heart desires. And, if you’re lucky…maybe you’ll be invited on the trip!

For the mother who prioritizes health and wellness

Support your mom or mom-figure’s dedication to health and wellness by filling a basket with products and services to help them continue their wellness journey.

Manuka Honey Immunity Gummies - These gummies are a great addition to a daily wellness regimen. Made with all-natural ingredients, they support healthy immune and digestive function.

Fitness Gear - Treat them to some new fitness gear and accessories that will keep them motivated. Whether it’s a new yoga mat, weights, fitness clothing, sneakers or a gym bag, they will appreciate it!

Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey - ACV can be taken daily as a shot, or mixed into a tonic to offer health benefits such as improved digestive, boosted immunity, support of weight loss and more. It can also be used in a variety of recipes. For those in the health and wellness world, apple cider vinegar is widely used, and, our Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey is a unique variety of it.

Membership to a New Studio - Is there a new fitness studio close to their home? Or, has mom mentioned wanting to try some new types of classes? A membership or giftcard to a new studio makes a great gift and will allow them to learn new exercises and meet new friends.

For the mother with young kiddos

If you’re gifting a basket to a mother with young children, including some treats she can share and enjoy with her kids is a nice idea.

Organic Manuka Honey Pops - A sweet treat for adults and kids, alike. These pops are not only delicious but also offer a boost of energy. They are great to keep around the house and also in the car or a purse.

Museum Membership - Give the gift of adventure and experience by including a family membership to a local museum.

Personalized Jewelry - A necklace, bracelet or ring personalized with the names or birthstones of children is something a mom will always treasure!

Framed Photos - It’s safe to safe we are all guilty of taking countless photos, but not necessarily printing or hanging them! Pull some favorite photos off Facebook, or ask another family member to send you some nice shots and have them printed and framed so that their special memories are ready to hang on the wall. Alternatively, if you are not sure which photos to print or want to give mom the opportunity to pick her own frames, you can give a giftcard to a local photo printing shop or website.

For the mother who needs a little self-care

Treat the busy-bee mama in your life to some self-care products that will ensure she is taking care of not just everyone else, but herself too. Here are a few of our favorite products to get you started when putting together your basket.

Conscious Coconut Travel-Ready Coconut Oil Tube - Perfect for use at home, or on-the-go (it fits easily in a purse), this coconut oil has so many uses. It can serve as a daily moisturizer, shaving cream, can be used for oil pulling, soothing relief and more.

Tea Set - Nothing says relaxing like a hot cup of tea! Treat your loved one to a fancy variety of teas, and you can consider including a new tea kettle as well.

Beauty and Skincare Products - Beauty and skincare products make great fillers for gift baskets. You can include products you know they already love and may need to restock on, or, new products you want to introduce them to. You can’t go wrong with high quality lotions, body washes, serums and lip balms.

Salon or Spa Gift Card - Support small businesses while treating someone you love! A giftcard to a local nail salon or spa makes a great gift for someone in need of a little self-care.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket - You can’t go wrong with one of these cozy blankets that have been all the rage the past few holiday seasons. Available in a variety of colors and prints, you can pick one out that matches their couch or bedroom. A Barefoot Dreams blanket is perfect for cuddling up under during a lounge day.

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