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Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Celebrating Earth Day 2023

The concept of Earth Day was created in Seattle, Washington, and first celebrated in 1970. However, it wasn’t until 1990 that it really became a global recognition and celebration. Today, Earth Day is recognized by hundreds of millions of people worldwide with activities, celebrations, Earth-driven initiatives, and volunteer opportunities happening in 193 countries.

There is no right or wrong way to celebrate Earth Day. The goal of this globally recognized day is to bring people together to recognize and support the same goal - taking care of planet Earth. It can be celebrated in a variety of ways. Volunteerism and activism are great ways to get involved, and your community may offer organized ways to do so. But, really, the point of Earth Day is for citizens of the world to all come together to do their part - whether it’s big or small, all in support of taking care of our planet.

Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. In many parts of the world, we consider this springtime, and the warmer weather makes it possible and enjoyable to spend Earth Day outside. If you have children, getting them involved in Earth Day initiatives and making an annual tradition out of however you decide to celebrate the day is a nice idea and will teach them from an early age about the importance of taking care of the environment.

This year’s Earth Day theme is ‘invest in our planet.’ When it comes to caring for the planet, it’s important to create habits and take action that will have long-lasting effects. There are plenty of ways you can recognize this special day, and below, we are sharing some of our favorites. We encourage you to get involved this April 22. Let us know in the comments how you will be celebrating Earth Day 2023!

Support our Pollinators

Pollinators have an essential role on the planet and to us, humans. The majority of crops worldwide require pollination. These are crops that humans and other animals - members of the ecosystem - consume. Pollination is an important step in crop reproduction, and without pollinators, we would not survive.

We know you have likely heard this before, but pollinators are in danger and diminishing due to a variety of causes, including the increased use of pesticides, climate change, predators, and more. It is more important than ever that we do our part to support and protect them. This means purchasing organic produce, avoiding the use of pesticides in your yard and garden, and taking an extra step to create a space meant to attract and support pollinators. Create a pollinator-friendly garden that provides pollen and nectar for pollinators. You don’t need to have a large space to do this - even a small pollinator-friendly garden is beneficial.

Recycle and Reuse

This is where this year’s Earth Day theme, ‘invest in our planet,’ really comes into play. Recycling is so important for our planet, especially long-term. We need to reduce the waste piling up in our landfills, oceans and forests. Recycling does not just mean placing your waste in the correct pickup bins - it means actually reusing things so that they are not disposed of. When you get takeout, save the containers and add them to your stash of tupperware - they can be reused. The same can be done with jars in which sauces and dressings come in - you can reuse them! Get creative - these types of containers have uses even beyond storing food. For instance, our glass Manuka Honey jars can be used to store things like spare change, buttons and thread, extra keys, screws and nails, and many other things around the house.

Get into the habit of thinking about what something can be reused for, before you think to toss it. It will soon become second nature to think this way, and, in fact, doing so can actually save you money! You will find yourself purchasing less additional items when you find unique and creative ways to reuse things you already have.

Bring Your Community Together

A great thing about Earth Day is that it brings the world together and unites us over a common cause. Use this special day as an opportunity to bring your community together. Consider coordinating a group of friends and neighbors to get together to clean up your neighborhood. Pick up trash, plant trees and pollinator-friendly plants in public spaces and put your brains together to figure out ways you can take care of your local environment and green space.

This doesn’t have to just be an Earth Day activity - make a commitment to continue getting together and volunteering to take care of your community on a more regular basis.

Make the Switch to Earth-Friendly, Sustainable Brands and Products

Put your money where your values are. You can support the Earth by shopping for brands and products that are sustainable and Earth-friendly. This means doing a little bit of research, which will likely be pretty eye-opening. Sustainable brands and companies are ones that both practice Earth-friendly production and also support causes related to taking care of the planet.

Here at Wedderspoon, we heard your concerns about packaging and waste and have removed the extra packaging on our Manuka Honey jars. We also proudly support causes we are

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