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Workout Essentials

Workout Essentials

It can be hard to make time for workouts–we know! So, make the most of your workout sessions with a few key essentials.

A Yoga Mat

A nice, thick yoga mat will allow you to not only practice yoga and meditate, but also have a comfortable spot to stretch and do other exercises.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Plus Vitality

This innovative anytime, anywhere shot is packed with wellness ingredients to give your body and mind the boost it needs before, during or after a workout.

Resistance Bands

There are countless ways to incorporate resistance bands into your workout routine to work every part of your body. Best of all? As far as workout tools go, they're fairly affordable!

A Leak-Proof, BPA-Free Water Bottle

Invest in a water bottle that not only keeps your drinks ice cold but is also leak-proof and easy to drink out of while you're moving. There's nothing worse than a water bottle that requires you to completely halt your workout in order to drink from!

Comfortable and Realistic Attire

Ensure that you spend all your allotted workout time actually working out, rather than tugging at and adjusting ill-fitting or uncomfortable clothing. Be realistic when choosing workout attire.

A Protein-Rich Post-Workout Drink

It's important to remember to fuel your body after a workout. A protein-rich drink, like our Caramel Vanilla Post-Workout Shake can help you reenergize while also promoting muscle healing and growth.

Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Gentle Cleanser

Cleanse your skin after a workout with something gentle but effective, like our Manuka Honey Gentle Cleanser which will wash away the sweat and leave your face clean and glowing without irritating your skin.

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