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Cold/Flu Season - Top 4 tips to building an immune boosting routine to start now.

Cold/Flu Season -  Top 4 tips to building an immune boosting routine to start now.

By Kelly Springer, MS, RD, CDN

As we head into Winter, we can only suspect that there will be an influx of colds, flus and other illnesses going around. It’s pretty unavoidable, unfortunately, especially if you have kids in school.

With many friend and family gatherings canceled over the past couple of years due to the pandemic, I think we’re all eager to engage in fun activities and parties to celebrate the seasons and holidays this year, and, the most fun will be had when you are feeling your best!

Sure, there are remedies to combat the symptoms of illness when you’re feeling under the weather, but, really, the best thing you can do is take preventative measures to try to avoid illness altogether, or shorten time spent sick, thanks to a strong immune system and the ability to bounce back fast.

When it comes to building a strong immune system, you don’t need to take lots of pills or consume fancy drinks - it’s actually pretty simple. Overall, sticking to a healthy, well balanced diet full of whole and superfoods, getting regular exercise and staying hydrated will benefit your immune system.

But, the key is to get into a routine and continue to regularly practice these healthy habits, so that your immune system is always at its strongest. If you wait until you’re already feeling sick to start practicing immune-boosting habits, it’s a little too late! Read on to learn how you can start your immune boosting routine today! These habits are easy to incorporate into your daily life, and something you can do as a family.


  1. Incorporate Manuka honey - 70% of our immune system is in our gut, so it makes sense that keeping your gut happy is one of the best ways to keep your immune system strong. Try incorporating an authentic Manuka honey, like Wedderspoon’s Raw Monofloral Manuka Honey, into your daily diet. It’s a rare New Zealand superfood that is as delicious as it is powerful – chock full of nutrients that have been shown to empower everyday wellness, support better gut health and boost immunity to keep you feeling your best. What makes Wedderspoon different from a regular honey you might already have in your pantry is that it is produced when bees in New Zealand feast off of the Manuka bush, a cousin of the tea tree. Wedderspoon prides itself on being the least processed Manuka honey on the market - it’s straight from the hands of Mother Nature and is raw, wild and filled with an ecosystem of natural chemical compounds and living enzymes. Basically, it’s all of the good stuff and none of the bad. I swear by Manuka honey and try to have at least a little bit of it daily, whether it’s eating a spoonful in the morning, enjoying drops and pops on the go, or adding it to my tea before bed.  

  2. Break a sweat - If you ask me, there’s no better way to enjoy the rest of the sunshine season than by getting out for a 20 to 30-minute walk. With an awesome playlist or a friend, this is a fun way to keep your body moving and it helps you feel great while getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D. Did you know that some recent studies indicate moderate intensity exercise can actually cut down on the number of colds a person gets because it increases your white blood cells, which help fight infection? Beyond that, regular exercise also helps moderate inflammation and reduces stress, which helps keep your body’s defenses in good shape. If walking isn’t your thing, try biking a few times a week or going to the gym every other day.

  3. Hydrate like it's your job - It’s no secret that staying hydrated is one of the best ways to maintain your overall health and wellbeing. Getting in your daily ounces helps keep skin clear, promotes digestion and can even help ward off cold and flu symptoms as it flushes the body of toxins. My favorite ways to get my water in every day include a big glass right when I wake up, as well as one with every meal. I also never leave home without a reusable bottle full of water so I can stay hydrated on-the-go.

  4. Rethink what’s on your plate - There are so many tasty dishes I love to serve my family to boost their immunity before and during cold & flu season. Favorites like oranges, greek yogurt, wild salmon and dark chocolate have all been proven to help! For example, greek yogurt contains probiotics that are known to fight illnesses and oranges are always a fantastic pick-me-up as they are packed full of vitamin C (which is helpful for preventing the cold especially if you find yourself in particularly cold-inducing situations). Looking for easy recipes including these delicious ingredients? My favorites are blood orange with Manuka honey and mascarpone spread and peaches and cream pops (made using greek yogurt)!
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