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Wedderspoon Fall WellBEEing Event

Wedderspoon Fall WellBEEing Event

On a gorgeous fall day in New York City, the Wedderspoon team got together to celebrate the launch of their newest product, Manuka Honey Immunity Lozenges with EpiCor. They invited a list of top tier media and influencers to join them in The Cookery, an intimate meeting space in the World Trade Center, that overlooked the stunning views of lower Manhattan and its waterfront. Read on to learn more about their latest product launch, the event and some of the team’s favorite ways to use and enjoy Wedderspoon’s genuine Manuka honey.

The focus of the event was to share the benefits of Manuka honey and educate attendees on new ways to utilize this amazing superfood. Manuka honey has long been used as a home remedy for cold, flu and allergy symptoms. However, due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, an authentic Manuka honey, like Wedderspoon, empowers everyday wellness in all that you do – from supporting your immune system and promoting gut health to providing a better-for-you daily energy boost and addition to your skincare routine.

To kick off the event, Wedderspoon’s Chief Wellness Officer, Briana Lawrence, welcomed influencers and journalists to the space with cocktails and mocktails featuring Wedderspoon Manuka Honey. Each of the beverages were inspired by the flavors of the new Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Lozenges, Cool Mint, Lemon Ginger and Elderberry, and the recipes are featured below! Just in time for cold & flu season, Wedderspoon’s EpiCor Lozenges – a proprietary blend of Manuka Honey, EpiCor, Vitamin C and Zinc – provide a powerful, quick immune boost on the go.

Individually-sealed, these lozenges are perfect to take with you to the office, the gym, your next Zoom meeting – or whenever you’re needing a quick immune boost. We may be biased, but these lozenges are an essential item for your fall and winter wellness arsenal.

Second, guests enjoyed a highly-curated menu of delicious appetizers featuring Wedderspoon Manuka honey, created for us by the wonderful Carlin Greenstein. The late summer Roasted Peaches and Whipped Ricotta Toast was an absolute hit and you can find the recipe for the delicious toast below.

And, since Manuka honey pairs as well in your skincare routine as it does in your favorite recipes, the team from Spa Chicks On The Go provided Manuka honey facials and hand masks so that guests could experience the many exfoliating, moisturizing and soothing benefits an authentic Manuka honey can provide when used topically.

Lastly, invitees had a hands-on opportunity to create their own Wedderspoon-based beauty and skincare treatments – a face mask and a body scrub – that they were able to take home at the end of the evening. The recipes for the face masks and body scrubs are also included below for you to enjoy!

Top Four Benefits of Manuka Honey for Your Skin

  1. Moisturize Your Face: Due to its sugar component, Manuka honey helps draw and lock moisture in the skin. This ingredient is great for those who experience cracked or dry skin and, to get even more all-natural benefits, try mixing it with other ingredients such as oats, aloe or banana for masks and scrubs!
  2. Bring on Clear Skin: Manuka Honey is great for killing the acne-causing bacteria that can be found on your face thanks to its properties that are known to soothe tired and irritated skin. Using just a dot, you can gently work it over your face like a cleanser to get the benefits.
  3. Calm Down Inflammation: Skin is soothed and redness is reduced when applying Manuka honey because of its healing properties. When applied, it has been shown to minimize inflammatory compound activity.
  4. Get a Beautiful, Natural Glow: Thanks to the enzymes found in Manuka honey, it's a natural and soft exfoliation that makes skin glowy and smooth to the touch, especially when it is mixed with sugar. In some recipes, it can even be used to reduce dark spots and acne scars, too!
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